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Museums in Chandigarh

Museums are the core abode bestowing us of the history of a country with the safe garnering of old sculptures, paintings and other valuable specimens. We can forthwith track the path trodden by a country and the culture and tradition whilst on an odyssey to a museum. The collection of books confers on us the undying knowledge of the past and present and thus museums can be rightly defined as the Mecca of historians and the researchers.


Chandigarh also garbs variety of museums and on visit to those the trail of Chandigarh from its inception to the present day can be easily outlined.

Chandigarh City Museum:             

Built in December 1997, the City Museum in Chandigarh houses all the documents pertaining to the development of the city post Independence. Chandigarh is a planned city with an urban infrastructure and the plans, models, pictures and sketches by which the city was intercepted are preserved in the City Museum.  A vivid image distinguishes itself as to the stage-wise emergence of the city from scratch. The basement area stores document dated to the pre-Independence era where the requisite for a new Capital city of Chandigarh originated whereas the first floor stocks materials and works that made Chandigarh of today.

City Museum in Chandigarh

Other Details about City Museum Chandigarh:


Sector 10 C
Chandigarh- 160010

The museum remains open from 10 AM-4:30 PM on all days except Monday, National and public holidays.

Chandigarh Government Museum and Art Gallery:

Established in 1968, Government Museum and Art gallery is home to Gandhara period stone sculptures besides the prehistoric fossils and artifacts. Albeit the layout of the building was designed by Le Corbusier, the endeavors of Late M.S. Randhawa (the then chief commissioner) is not to be forgotten.  A well maintained library for the scholars and students is fortified in the museum with a stock of 4600 books. The art galleries in the museum can be classified into:

  • Gandhara and Hindu Sculptures
  • Miniature Paintings
  • Decorative Arts and Coins
  • Contemporary Art Gallery

Sculpture collections of Brahmin, Jain and Buddhist are prevalent in the museum, major part of which has come from Lahore. The miniature paintings can be classified into Buddhist, Hindu and Mohammedan.  The Hindu paintings were defined as Rajput paintings and the Mohammedan as the Mughal paintings. The Buddhist and the Hindu paintings were spiritual in nature. In the Contemporary art gallery section, the works of Jamini Roy, Rabindranath Tagore, Nicholas Roerick, Amrita Sher Gill, Dhanraj Bhagat, Satish Gujral etc works are embellished in the museum.

Government Museum and Art Gallery

Coins says the history of the country in terms of politics, economy and social movements and thus the Decorative arts and Coin section adorns a coin collection besides the decorative arts. A pottery section and a section solely devoted to textiles that underlines the embroidery and the painting of the bygone era are exhibited in the museum. Child art gallery is an added boon of the Government Museum and Art gallery which is built for the children.

International Dolls Museum in Chandigarh:

The Museum is exclusively built for the children by the Chandigarh government in nexus with the Rotary Club of Chandigarh in 1985. The museum stuffs a lot of Dolls and puppets imported from Netherland, Denmark, Spain, Korea, Germany, Russia etc and give an ambience of a kids’ park to the museum. Besides, the toy train is a spectacular attraction endowed by the museum to the kids.

School kids are getting introduced to the International Doll Museum, Chandigarh


Sector 23

10 AM to 5 PM on all days except Sundays and official holidays

Entry Fee:
Children do not have pay for entry. Adults have entry fee of Rs 10. Camera Fee is Rs 5.

Museum of Evolution of Life:

The Museum built in 1973 symbolizes the evolution of life starting from the Indus Valley civilization to hitherto.  A variety of paintings confer the evolutionary study on the origin and the diversity of life in this planet. The paintings related to the extinct species are also etched out for a comprehensive cognizance.  Notwithstanding, art galleries in the streams of archaeology, geology, biology, botany, history and astronomy are also found besides the myriads of reference books.

Other Details about the Museum of Evolution of Life


Sector 10

10 AM to 4:30 PM on all days except Mondays and other public and national holidays

How To Reach:
As the place is within the Government Museum Complex, it can be easily reachable using bus, taxi, auto-rickshaw and cycle rickshaw from other parts of the city.

National Gallery of Portraits:

The gallery has display of forty one well researched photos that are generated using computers. There are document panels that have collection from various historical research organization, archives and other renowned institutions of the country. These panels have the collection of metal and plaster cast sculptures, oil paintings of portraits of famous freedom fighters. There are murals and dioramas present in this gallery. The book corner has collection of journals and reference books that are related to the various period of history of our country which visitors can refer when they come here.  Rare documents as well as voices of our beloved leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi are preserved here and are exhibited for the visitors.

The entrance of National Museum of Portraits in Chandigarh

Other Details about National Gallery of Portraits


T.S Central-State Library
Sector 17


10 AM to 5 PM daily except Monday, public holidays and national holiday

Entry Fee:
Entry is free.

Tours and Programs:
Visitors can enjoy free guided tour at 11 AM and 3 PM. Every Sunday at 2:00 PM, films on India’s Struggle for freedom are shown. The museum also houses a book corner.

How to Reach:
As the place is in the center of the city, there are enough buses, auto rickshaws, taxis, cycle rickshaws and taxis available to this place. The place is easily reachable from the railway station, airport and other parts of the city.

The Chandigarh Architecture Museum:

This museum is within the complex of Government Museum. It has documents depicting different stages of development of the city right from its inception to the current stage of Chandigarh city.  Some rare plans, sketches and relevant photographs that were prepared by the master creator, Le Corbusier, and used during the construction are kept here. Visitors can buy a handbook for the museum at the reception counter and get detailed information about Chandigarh Architecture Museum.

Other Details about Chandigarh Architecture Museum:


Sector 10 C

The museum remains open from 10 AM-4:30 PM daily except on Mondays, national and public holidays.

Entry Fee:
Rs 10. No entry fee is needed for children below 12 years and senior citizens. Camera fee is Rs. 5.

Guided Tours:
Visitors can enjoy guided tours in this museum complex. Special guided tours for school children can be arranged if appointments are made prior. The guided tours are arranged daily at 11 AM, 12 Noon, 3 PM and 4 PM.
For the disabled, wheel chairs can also be available.

How To Reach: From the center of the city, Sector 17, one can reach the Government Museum and Art Gallery by bus or can take cycle rickshaw. The bus will stop at Rose Garden stoppage and the museum is just on the opposite side of the road. From the railway stand, pre-paid auto facilities are available. Taxis can also be hired.  The museum is about 12 km from the Airport, 9 km from the railway station and 2.5 km from the bus stand. Visitors can also take CITCO buses which take passenger for city tour.

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