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Monuments in Chandigarh

Nestled in the heart of northern India, Chandigarh is the capital city of the states Haryana and Punjab.  When it comes to architecture and monuments, Chandigarh has international recognition. It was the first “planned city” after independence which makes it a very well organized city even till date.  There are several monuments in Chandigarh, which are well maintained even after several years, today.

There were many notable architects in Chandigarh and some great designers in Chandigarh which gave the city its remarkable monuments and pride.  As any tourist, one will definitely be mesmerized by each and every aspect of the city’s unique architecture, built and maintained all over the city in its beautiful fresh and serene environment. Also these monuments are culturally and socio-politically significant for Chandigarh and its rich history. If you are planning to visit Chandigarh then here is a list and guide to the most popular and noteworthy Chandigarh monuments:

The Martyr’s Memorial Chandigarh:

The Martyr’s Memorial monument is situated outside the main assembly building in the city. There were many soldiers and martyr’s who lost their lives during the enduring and agonizing partition of Punjab. This monument was built to respect them and to honor their memory.


It’s basically a triangular shaped structure and it’s surrounded by other figurines in the form of a lion, a prone man and a snake.

The Open Hand Monument:

The Open Hand Monument is also recognized as the city’s emblem. It was envisioned and built by one of the most popular architects: Le Corbusier. It signifies exactly what it looks like. It is a symbol which speaks of the mind which should be open to receive and open to provide too. It’s made of metal and it’s seen as a symbol of peace. Its situated 85 feet above the ground and its vibrant colors of green, white and orange and also its resemblance to a free bird gives out the message pretty well.


Some people even say that the shape resembles the map of Haryana. This is one of the most famous and important monuments of Chandigarh.

The Capitol Complex:

Capitol Complex ChandigarhThis is yet another brilliant monument created by the talented Le Corbusier. In the premises of the glorious Shivalik Hills, the Capitol Complex takes a political stand. This is the seat of the government of both states, Punjab and Haryana; it can be divided into 3 parts, the Legislative Assembly, the Secretariat and the High Court. It’s open for guided tours, but only with permission and booked-appointments. It took over 10 years to be built back in 1951(to ’65). Out of all the Chandigarh monuments, the Capitol Complex is known to be one of the most intricate creations till date.

The Tower Of Shadows:

Situated near the capitol complex, Tower of Shadows is a monument which was created by Le Corbusier. It was made in order to study the movements and details of the timing set by the sun. As a piece for solar movement, Le Corbusier was known to put in a lot of research and work into this. He said that it’s possible to have power over the sun in the 4 corners of a building!

Geometric Hill:

From the Tower of Shadows a ramp is leading which heads into a pit. Geometric Hill rises from this pit. Geometric Hill is a huge opaque mass that is inscribed with a sine curve. This huge hill has the lower half made with concrete and the upper half covered with grass turf. This hill with a huge sine curve symbolizes solar cycle depicting light and darkness which according to Le Corbusier, the creator of Chandigarh City, rules daily activity of men.

Rock Garden:

This is one of its kinds monument located in Sector 1 between Sukhna Lake and Capitol Complex. Superb artistic works created out of various types of industrial and urban wastes as well as various sculptures made of varieties of rock formations are the main attraction of this place. The garden was initially created by Nek Chand, on the bank of a water body, using his personal collection of various types of wastes and varieties of rocks.

Mr. Nek Chand has his work started in 1957 and the garden was opened for the public in 1976. The garden is now spread over an area of 40 acres and is constructed solely on home and industrial wastes as well as various types of industrial materials like broken china ware, discarded and broken bangles, sanitary ware, marbles, car parts, pottery, cutlery, photo frames and others. Connoisseurs come from various parts of the world to appreciate this distinctive work of art. 

Chandi Temple:

The idol at Chandi Temple of ChandigarhChandi Mandir Chandigarh is located about 15 km away from the city. It is about 10 km away from Mansa Devi Temple located at the foothills of Shivalik Hills. The temple is located on Chandigarh-Kalka Road.

This is one of most important ancient monuments for Hindus. The main deity here is Goddess Chandi. This is a siddh-peeth of Hindus. Twice a year, thousands of devotees visit the temple during Navratras. Along with Chandi, the goddess of power, the temple has idols of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, and Lord Krishna and Radha. Visitors not only come here for offering but they also come to this place to enjoy eye-captivating surrounding beauty.

Punjab University:

Punjab University in Chandigarh is one of the popular Monuments in Chandigarh. The university campus was designed by Pierre Jeanerret under the supervision of Le Corbusier, the designer and creator of the Chandigarh City. The university campus is spread over an area of 500 acres and is divided into various zones. The teaching zone is in north-east that has Library, fine arts museum and the Gandhi Bhavan. The sports complex is located at the middle and hostels are located in the south.


The residential area is located on the south east. This university is considered as one of the best architectural creations of this modern city.

When you visit this city, make sure that you make these monuments of Chandigarh a must visit. Each of them have a unique quality and they each have their own story to tell.

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