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Le Corbusier Center in Chandigarh

Le Corbusier was a famous Swiss French architect who visualized the Chandigarh city about 6 decades ago. The Chandigarh administration established the Le Corbusier Center on 6th Oct, 2008. This center is located at the Sector 19 of Chandigarh. This place is the old office of the great architect Le Corbusier who used to carry out his projects at this office.

Chandigarh Le Corbusier

The center exhibits the life history and works performed by Le Corbusier. These displays help the tourists to become familiar with the affluent cultural legacy of Chandigarh. The main purpose of this center is interpretation, conservation, exploration, demonstration of Le Corbusier’s works and the heritage of the architect. The center as well as the souvenir shop inside it is operated by the Society for Tourism and Entertainment Promotions (or STEPS). 

The Layout Plan and the Exhibitions of the Center:

Le Corbusier Center in Chandigarh2

In the center there are 9 rooms, one corridor and one verandah. The following is an extensive list of displays for each room:

Room number 1:

  • Information
  • Reception
  • Publications

Room number 2:

In this room the following historical records have been kept:

  • The pictures of various archeological excavations found in Chandigarh and the Harappan findings in the city.

  • Documents related to commencement, development and progress of the Chandigarh city which was compiled by the city’s 1st chief commissioner, Dr. M. S. Randhawa. 

Room number 3:

This room consists of the following documents:
  • The draft agreement made with the architect Le Corbusier.

  • The final selection of Pierre Jeanneret, Le Corbusier and Maxwell Fry.

  • A telegram on 20 Dec, year 1950 declaring the signing of agreements with Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier.

  • 2 letters written by Le Corbusier to the Governor of Punjab C.P.N. Singh dated 15th July, 1954 and 24th March, 1958 respectively.

  • 4 letters from Le Corbusier to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru during 1958-1960, all are about the problems that he faced during his stay in Chandigarh, to emphasize the need to conserve the Chandigarh city’s limit and its surroundings and on the cantonment matter etc.

  • 1 letter to the Chief minister Punjab, Pratap Singh Karon from Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru on 4th November, 1960 about the construction of the cantonment.

  • A letter from Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru to Pratap Singh Karon on 23rd January, 1961 to accelerate the building of “Museum of Knowledge”.

  • A letter dated 14th May 1964, written by Le Corbusier to the Chief Commissioner of Chandigarh, Dr. M.S Randhawa, on the subject of open hand monument.

  • There are several other letters written by Pierre Jeanneret to Dr. M.S Randhawa regarding the promotion of the senior architects and the official issues faced by them.

Room number 4:

This room consists of sections, plans, sketches, elevations and studies:

  1. Periphery control
  2. Survey plan of the proposed Chandigarh site
  3. Planning concepts of Le Corbusier
  4. Plan of the Secretariat
  5. Modular concept
  6. High court roof
  7. Floor plans of Assembly buildings
  8. The Museum of Knowledge (unbuilt)
  9. Plan of Capitol area by Le Corbusier
  10. The Governor’s palace (unbuilt)

Room number 5:

This room comprises the following models and maps:

  1. Chandigarh on the map of India
  2. Location of Chandigarh city pertaining to the adjoining states
  3. The model of the Secretariat
  4. Temperature, rainfall, surface wind and humidity in Chandigarh
  5. The model of the Open Hand Monument
  6. The model of the Governor’s Palace (unbuilt)
  7. Model of the old office building of Le Corbusier, Capital Project
  8. Chandigarh after reorganization of Punjab in 1966
  9. The High Court (model)
  10. The model of the hyperbolic paraboloid dome of Assembly.

Room number 6:

This room includes the pictures (both colored and black and white) and translights:

  1. Think sketches for the research of dome of Assembly
  2. Door of the Assembly (translight)
  3. Map of Chandigarh showing archeological sites.
  4. Comparison of the Chandigarh’s Master Plan with that of Paris
  5. A scenic collage of the Open Hand Monument
  6. A study of road network in Chandigarh
  7. Le Corbusier’s planning concept
  8. Tapestry design for the High Court by Le Corbusier
  9. Chandigarh Master Plan (translight)

Room number 7:

This is the committee room which comprises the master plan of the Chandigarh city and its furniture:

  1. 3 seater with hand woven strips and cord back
  2. A chair with a swinging seat
  3. A bamboo and steel frame chair with leather upholstery
  4. A wooden office table.
  5. 3- legged table with bamboo legs and wooden top
  6. A wooden chair with steel frame
  7. A chair with jute seat, cord back and cane frame
  8. Single seater with hand woven strips and cord back
  9. A wooden chair with bamboo hand wood strips and steel frame.
  10. A wooden bookshelf

Room number 8:

This room is for research, reference and digital library.

Room number 9:

This room is for Administration.


In the corridor the visitors can take pleasure in the photo gallery.


In the verandah there is an exhibition hall. 

Tourist Information Kiosk at the Le Corbusier:

A Tourist Information Kiosk has also been launched by the STEPS and tourism department in the Le Corbusier center located at Sector 16 of Chandigarh. This step has been taken to help the people realize the dream of expanding the Chandigarh city as a smart town. The kiosk is made of tough metal and has a touch screen. With the help of this kiosk tourists can get all the info about the restaurants, places of attractions, hotels and other kinds of general info about Chandigarh.

This facility offered by the Chandigarh administration is highly appreciated by a lot of tourists visiting the Le Corbusier center. On the event of the launch of this kiosk, a variety of new souvenirs such as- Le Corbusier’s paintings, imitations,  drawings and pictures including the crystal glass frame, acrylic tray, I phone covers, bone china cone mug, tooth brush, framed pictures, acrylic plates and shot glasses were also launched.

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