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Chaitra Navratri
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Butterfly Park in Chandigarh

Bored with your daily tight scheduled life! How about spending a day with the colorful butterflies? Chandigarh offers you with a great opportunity of spending a day with the beautiful butterflies. When you visit Chandigarh make it a point to pay a visit to this exciting place full of butterflies. I have been here and it is an amazing feeling to be a part of this park. Here’s my story of a visit to the wonderful Butterfly Park in Chandigarh.

Butterfly Park in Chandigarh

We started our journey for the amazing Butterfly Park located in Sector 26, Chandigarh in the morning. The entire area covering this park is 7 acres with a beautiful landscape. We being nature lovers absolutely enjoyed the beauty of this place.

 The entire ambiance of this place is peaceful and heavenly. My twin cousins were so excited to see the colorful butterflies fly all around them. We also got to see a wide variety of butterflies. The presence of shrubs and green plants all around the park attracted one of my cousins and when he asked me the reason for the presence of those plants I actually realized the reason behind them. Green plants make it all the more suitable for butterflies. Plants like Citrus, Amla and mango makes a perfect place for butterflies.

The main objective for which we headed towards this park was to understand the importance of butterflies in maintaining a balance in the biodiversity. The park signifies the importance of conserving butterflies that made children aware of the fact. 

Another important objective of this park is to train and educate school and college students about how important it is to maintain a balance in the ecology. The main theme of this park is “Save butterflies, and save Ecosystem”. We even planned for our next trip along with all the other kids.

Inside the Butterfly Park in Chandigarh

Since this park is exclusively designed for butterflies we knew that we can find them anytime of the year. We went in August which is luckily the best season for butterflies. The warmer months are probably the ideal time for butterflies. From March to October butterflies can be seen the most. During the extreme winter season, December to January butterflies is rare. 

But it is not impossible to find butterflies during these months. All you need is a bit of patience to get to see butterflies. You will get to see different varieties of butterflies during this time. Almost all the types of butterflies are available during this time of the year. 

After the lunch we decided to take some rest and let the kids play around. After some time one of my cousins asked the importance of a butterfly. It was a very nice question and my father took the initiative to explain them about butterflies. My father said that butterflies are the most colorful creature of this planet. They are innocent, small and harmless creatures. 

They just provide with an amazing view. They are bright coloured creatures that increase the beauty of the place. Butterflies are important for our environment. They serve as a good pollinator and hence help in pollination. Using pesticides and insecticides can be harmful for butterflies. Cutting plants and shrubs can also destroy butterflies.

Species of Butterflies in Butterfly Park in Chandigarh

Butterfly park of Chandigarh has almost 35 species of butterflies. These butterflies are available round the year but mostly during the autumn season. The beauty of the park increases when all types of butterflies become available. Some very prominent types of butterflies that we saw in this park were Common Mormon, Painted Lady, Yellow Pancy, Leopard, Blue Pancy, Danaid Eggfly, Red Pirrot, Lime Butterfly, Common Sailor, Common Nawab, Boronet, Joker, Peacock Pansy, Common Jay, Lemon Pansy and many more.

As we were moving my sister got to see an egg of a butterfly which was really tiny and she somehow managed not to destroy it. Seeing the egg the kids started asking questions about it and this time it was my responsibility to explain them. I said the egg of a butterfly takes 5 days to mature and grow into Larva. The Larva stage continues till 28 days and then it matures to Pupa. 

The Pupa stage continues for 16 days and then develops into an adult butterfly. Different types of butterflies survive for different time span. Butterflies do not have a fixed life span. In general, an adult butterfly survives for two weeks or even less than that. Although there are some tropical butterflies those are also known as long lived butterflies and they survive for six months or more. The kids were happy and satisfied with my answer.

In Butterfly Park in Chandigarh

The entire day was spent in an amazing manner special thanks to the kids accompanying us and also the beautiful butterflies. It will always be a great option to visit Butterfly Park whenever you visit Chandigarh. Spending some time with the nature and the colorful flies is a good idea when you are in a vacation. This place offers a heavenly atmosphere to enjoy.

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